Family (systemic) Constellations
foundation facilitator training 

**All online**

This is not just a training of the mind it is a journey of the soul. 

This foundation training takes place over 12 months to complete all 4 modules, (over 100 hours contact time). This experiential training combines theory and practice in the core concepts of Family Constellations. Learn the art of facilitation and working with the knowing field /field of consciousness and the power of Family Constellations. Step by step training of all the key parts to facilitating a constellation for private and group sessions. Practice time where you run sessions with clients and you are coached through the process.


It will be a personal journey to discover YOU and also give you practical tools that you can use to assist others working with Family Constellations. These are tools that you can combine with whatever you already do or start a new career for yourself.

I have designed this course as they do in Europe as a year long immersion training. This content is rich and deep and to really understand and integrate this work well takes time. Time to process the work within your own body and system and also to move it from conscious to unconscious so it flows from you. 

A critical part of doing this work is understanding yourself, the more you can be present to yourself and your life just as it is, the more you can be present to your clients. Our clients deserve and demand we keep doing our own work, to enable us to best support them. This can be harder than it sounds and through this 12 month course we will be deepening this skill. 

Systemic/Family Constellation began in the psycho-therapeutic community, over the past 20 years that has changed. Many professionals, from many professional fields, now incorporate the systemic lens and methodology in to their professional work.

It is increasingly clear from research in neurobiology, epigenetics, somatic experiencing and psychotherapy that  events and emotions are often carried from one generation to the next. Family constellations works towards offering new insights and deal with profound difficulties into the hidden dynamics of a personal or family story. Family Constellation work gives us a different lens and new tools that can help clients leave traumatic experiences in the past where they belong. It helps them let go of unwanted burdens as they move towards a more hopeful future.

Coming from a background in clinical psychology it became clear that most issues clients bring are NOT rooted in individualistic constructs or paradigms. Family constellations was the missing link I was looking for, it is a systemic approach to resolving a client’s issues by focusing on situating their dis-ease, or, disconnections in the family or social system, and embedding healing in one’s nervous system.


Edwina is a skilled compassionate facilitator and trainer who understands and works systemically with whatever issue(s) a client brings. Working with her has been deeply revelatory and healing in my own core family wounding in ways inaccessible through traditional therapeutic modalities.


Caroline (BBSc(Hons), MPsych, MA)

Who is this training for?


The Training I provide is internationally recognised.


  • Have had a constellation before (by Edwina or another facilitator)

  • I have represented in at least 4 constellations (by Edwina or another facilitator)

  • Complete application form

  • Have a Phone/zoom Interview/chat to see if the training is suitable

Module 1: Immersion into Self

Module 2: working one on one

Module 3: working in groups

Module 4: Deepening the work

* All 4 modules must be completed for certification and any additional requirements noted below

Module 1: Online (8 consecutive weeks) 

Melbourne, Australia times: 10am - 1pm (3 hours)

Immersion into Self 
Check the time in your time zone

  • Sunday 24th April

  • Sunday 1st May

  • Sunday 8th May (Mothers day in Australia)

  • Sunday 15th May 

  • Sunday 22nd May

  • Sunday 29th May

  • Sunday 5th June

  • Sunday 12th June

This module will also include people who are doing this module for personal development only.


When clients have a facilitator who is truly present they can

  • feel safe

  • discharge from their nervous system

  • move through their stuff

  • find new insights

This is deep work and I have found not everyone is ready to dive this deep. Immersion into Self is offered as a standalone personal development module and a critical 1st module for people interested in the facilitator training.

To find out more about the immersion into Self

Module 2:  

Melbourne, Australia times: 
Check the time in your time zone
June 25 & 26 (9am - 4pm each day)

July 16 & 17 (9am - 4pm each day)

August 13 & 14 (9am - 4pm each day)

September 10 & 11 (9am - 4pm each day)

  • What is Family Constellations

  • Constellations principles

  • You the facilitator

  • Interview process

  • How language and questions shift consciousness

  • Healing sentences

  • Guilt/innocence

  • Structured constellations

  • Genograms

  • Current family

  • Family of origin

  • Identifying patterns on the floor

  • You facilitate and receive constellations with group

  • one-on-one constellations (dolls, in minds eye, floor anchors, online)

  • Interrupted reaching out

Online learning hub​

  • Online learning activity

Module 3:  

Melbourne, Australia times:
Check the time in your time zone

October 8 & 9 (9am - 4pm each day)

November 5 & 6 (9am - 4pm each day)

December 3 & 4 (9am - 4pm each day)

  • Working with the field

  • Intro into group work

  • Working with representatives

  • You facilitate and receive constellations with group

  • Personal, collective and spiritual conscience

  • Group work (online)

  • Missing children

  • Working with illness/ health

  • Movements of the soul

  • Mother/ father wound

  • You facilitate and receive constellations with group​

Online learning hub​

  • Online learning activity

Module 4: 2023 dates TBA

  • deepening the work

  • Attend 4 group online session as a representative throughout the year training

  • complete 10 case studies (at least 5 send in video recordings of sessions)

  • Facilitate a group session 


Online learning hub​

  • Complete all online learning activity

To complete to certification​

  • Certification of completion when completed all requirements

* You must be mentally stable to attend this training ​


* If the trainers feel you need more practice or training to complete your certification, you will be advised and any extra time will be at your additional cost.

* Missing more than 2 days live training may affect your certification.

* If you are not already part of a registered association for therapies or health care professionals, there will be other requirements to complete for certification (at your own additional cost).

THIS IS NOT THERAPY it is training if you need personal sessions to work on person issues that is additional and at your own cost. Contact us to see if this training is suitable. 


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* 8 month payment plan option ($550 X 8 months)


  1. Check pre-requisite list

  2. Fill in application form

  3. Call me or arrange a time to chat to see if the training is suitable +61 (0)414 829 092

THIS IS NOT THERAPY it is training if you need personal sessions to work on person issues that is additional and at your own cost. Contact us to see if this training is suitable.