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Group workshops 
In person workshops on hold till further notice
Join us online they are just as powerful and international

All dates and times are Melbourne, Australia times

Event dates for 2022

Constellation in a group includes:

  • Pre session conversation 30 minutes

  • Constellation with the group (1 1/2- 2 hrs) 

  • A follow up email with details of your constellation

  • Join 5 other online group constellations as a representative (at times that suit you)

  • Book your constellation session, as part of a transformation package  dates below

  • you can book your other dates directly with us

Representative in a group includes:

  • Attend a constellation group session and you may be asked to represent for another person. 

  • Purchase a representative package to attend more than once

  • Representing helps give insight indirectly into your own life and situations and you also help others.