Online packages

How online packages differ to live (face to face workshops)

  • In a live ( face to face workshop) if you booked to do your constellation (higher price) you would do your constellations sometime over the weekend.

  • You would also assist others in their constellation by being a representative for them

  • Usually 4-5 constellations are done each day 

  • So 8-10 constellations over a 2 day workshop

  • If you booked just as a representative you would not do your own constellation you would just assist others in their constellations (lower price)

Online group sessions

  • To save you sitting in front of a screen for 8 hours straight, I have broken the online sessions into 2 - 3 hour slots. In the 2 hour times I do 1 constellation, in the 3 hour times I do 2 constellations.

  • If you purchase an online package to do your own constellation you are agreeing to also attend 5 other online sessions (as a representative) to assist others in their constellation as they assisted you. 

  • Or you may choose to purchase a representative package where you just attend as a representative (not  do your own constellation)

If you purchase a package please contact us to notify us with the dates you wish to attend.

You must purchase your package at least 24 hours before the first event.

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