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Constellations Mastery for Facilitators 

Your passionate about being the best version of yourself.
You've got your facilitations qualification.
This is your next level 

In these sessions you will learn how to:

  • master your facilitating style

  • facilitate from the empty centre

  • not be triggered when facilitating a constellation 

  • work with the simplicity of healing sentences 

  • understand why your constellation sessions are really long

  • broaden your facilitation knowledge

  • know the key differences between one-on-one and group sessions

  • work with clients who don't feel much or are in their head

  • know what to do when a constellations seems stuck

  • ask questions and use effective language when facilitating

  • work with different topics and issues

You will receive:

  • expert guidance 

  • high level support

  • information in simple to understand language 

  • practical examples

  • connect to a community of peers

So you can:

  • become more confident facilitating constellations

  • stop struggling around what to do or say next while facilitating. 

  • work with ease

  • keep deepening your knowledge and skills

  • talk about constellations to convert them into new clients

  • know what to charge a client

  • know how to market yourself

  • know how to increase you client numbers

Time to invest in YOU

Learn from a trainer:

  • with a more than 27 years background teaching facilitators how to facilitate in many different fields and industries.

  • with more than 20 years  background in coaching

  • who has run her own company for more than 20 years

  • with more than 11 years background facilitating constellations 

  • who teaches in simple to understand language 

  • who teaches in practical ways

  • who wants you to succeed

It's time to dive in...

This simple video shows the profound depth of Bert Hellinger's wisdom in just one of him many quotes. This quote encapsulates all of the constellations principles and is just a taster of the learning that is on offer as you deepen in your constellations facilitation journey.


Foundation family constellations facilitation training

This foundation training covers all the details to help you get started on your journey to becoming a family constellations facilitator. 

This comprehensive training has a balance of theory and practice building step by step each session.


For people new to family constellations and those who have been interested but have never completed a full training.  

To find out more:

Family Constellations facilitator foundation training


Have you completed a family constellations training and now want to deepen your knowledge?


Peer practice - group coaching:

  • 3hr group practice sessions 

  • these sessions will be where you practice in a safe environment 

  • practice using different approaches and techniques with your peers

  • some sessions we will practice one on one sessions others will be group sessions

  • be coached by an experienced facilitator and trainer to help you through the stuck points

  • gain more experience and confidence facilitating 

To find out more

Family Constellations peer practice

Individual supervision:

These are individual sessions where you can 

  • bring a particular client case that you have questions about

  • record a client case study and gain feedback from an experienced facilitator and trainer

  • confidentiality is kept with all clients information

Click to find out more 

Family Constellations facilitator  Supervision

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