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Foundation Family (systemic) Constellations
(online & live) 12 month facilitator training 

**All online**

This is not just a training of the mind it can also be a journey of the soul. 

This foundation training takes place over a 12 month period to complete all modules. This experiential training combines theory and practice in the core concepts of Family Constellations. Learn the art of facilitation and working with the knowing field /field of consciousness and the power of Family Constellations. Step by step training of all the key parts to facilitating a constellation for private and group sessions. Practice time where you run sessions with clients and you are coached through the process.

*Over 130 hours live (synchronous) online training plus extra online material. Lots of in class practice with coaching from trainer.


I have designed this course as they do in Europe as a long immersion training. This content is rich and deep and to really understand and integrate this work well takes time. Time to process the work within your own body and system and also to move it from conscious to unconscious so it flows from you. 

If you want a quick fix training this is not it.

A critical part of doing this work is understanding yourself, the more you can be present to yourself and your life just as it is, the more you can be present to your clients. Our clients deserve and demand we keep doing our own work, to enable us to best support them. This can be harder than it sounds and through this 12 month course you will have a chance to deepening these skills. It is also essential to continue to deepen these skills for the rest of your life to be an effective facilitator.

Systemic/Family Constellation began in the psycho-therapeutic community, over the past 20 years that has changed. Many professionals, from many professional fields, now incorporate the systemic lens and methodology in to their professional work.

It is increasingly clear from research in neurobiology, epigenetics, somatic experiencing and psychotherapy that  events and emotions are often carried from one generation to the next. Family constellations works towards offering new insights around the hidden dynamics of a personal or family story. Family Constellation work gives us a different lens and new tools that can help clients leave difficult experiences in the past where they belong. It can help them let go of unwanted burdens as they move towards a more hopeful future.

THIS IS NOT THERAPY it is training if you need personal sessions to work on personal issues that is not part of this training. You would need to seek additional support and at your own cost. Contact us to see if this training is suitable.

Coming from a background in clinical psychology it became clear that most issues clients bring are NOT rooted in individualistic constructs or paradigms. Family constellations was the missing link I was looking for, it is a systemic approach to resolving a client’s issues by focusing on situating their dis-ease, or, disconnections in the family or social system, and embedding healing in one’s nervous system.


Edwina is a skilled compassionate facilitator and trainer who understands and works systemically with whatever issue(s) a client brings. Working with her has been deeply revelatory and healing in my own core family wounding in ways inaccessible through traditional therapeutic modalities.

I was very impressed with the process and the way in which Edwina facilitated the constellations in the groups and saw parallels with depth psychological processes. The course was well structured, with excellent, clear grounding in the principles of Systemic constellations and the process of facilitation. The course contained plenty of structured practice sessions that gradually, and suitably increased in difficulty as the training progressed. 

One of the key skills for facilitating Constellations, as with therapists and groupwork, is the attitude and state of awareness called 'the empty vessel' in SFC. It is an equivalent notion in psychotherapy which is referred to as 'holding the space'. It is a state in which the practitioner is trained to become conscious of, and set aside their pre-conceptions, biases, judgements, projections and other reactions to deal with what is happening in the present for the client from a client centred perspective in an objective manner. In psychodynamic therapy this is learning how to navigate transference and countertransference. Learning to be fully present, without projecting their own subjective experience, mindset and opinions onto the client or the presenting situation. Edwina not only taught the 'empty vessel' skill. She also modelled it and demonstrated it for my group during the entire course. Her facilitation skills were of a high standard. 

The constellations process uses an object-relations model which enables people in the group to externalise their inner projection so that the subjective reality became objective, in other words, externalised in the constellation. This process enables them to look at their issue from a different (more objective) perspective. What impressed me was that is not merely role-playing. The SFC enables clients to tune into an intuitive field of awareness and consciousness by which people can objectively experience the previously unseen elements of their subjective reality. It helps what is suppressed, repressed and unconscious. 

In the therapy process achieving object relations is difficult to do, and often takes months, if not years to achieve. While SFC is not therapy I found it to be an incredibly efficient process with helps a client a simple way to locate, and bring to awareness, the elements of a system that are affecting them. 


Caroline (BBSc(Hons), MPsych, MA)

I recently completed Edwina’s training. Whoa! It was quite a ride..… I’m so grateful for the whole
experience. Although Edwina’s course is not therapy, so many blind spots and unconscious
influences came to the surface. This allowed for some very deep healing and massive changes in
my life, especially around my practice and my self value. Edwina’s style is very practical and easy
to follow. I’ve always struggled with studying, and learning, but found this training to be very user
friendly. I felt extremely supported thorough out the training and made some tight bonds with the
other students. I feel so much more confident in facilitating group sessions now, and love that I
have extra tools that I can add to my practice. You can only go as deep with your clients as you
have gone within yourself. I highly recommend this training for existing practitioners. This work is
life changing. It wasn’t always easy, but it was totally worth it.

Thank you Edwina.


Who is this training for?

Pre-requisites you are already working in a field in which you can apply Family Constellations.  If you are not in the helper field already please contact us to discuss requirements and if this training is suitable. 

*Over 130 hours live (synchronous) online training plus extra online material. Lots of in class practice with coaching from trainer.

  • Counsellors

  • Psychologists

  • Social workers

  • Teachers

  • Health care professionals

  • Coaches

  • Hypnotherapists

  • Kinesiologists

  • *People familiar with systemic constellations

  • Helper technicians
  • People who work with families

  • *People who have done a lot of their own personal work and want to go deeper

  • *People who want to move into the helping profession

What the training includes. 

  • training over a 12 month period in all the foundational aspects of Family Constellations

  • over 130 hours live (synchronous) online training plus extra online material.

  • lots of hand on experience facilitating constellations from one on one to group constellations

  • detailed feedback of your facilitation

  • learn a lot about yourself as you experience the content manifest in your own life

  • a supportive group for the rest of your life for ongoing practice and support

  • Lots of in class practice with coaching from trainer.

  • The classes are recorded and placed in the online learning hub for review for 12 months after the training is complete.

  • your own private login to the online learning hub. 

  • extra activities, quizzes, and examples in the online learning hub

  • meet my other students for our movie nights where we watch videos of Bert Hellinger and others

  • Attend any of Edwina's online constellations as a representative from the time you sign up and for one year after you complete the training. 



  • Have had your own constellation before (preferred)

  • Have a Phone/zoom Interview/chat to see if the training is suitable

  • Complete application form


When clients have a facilitator who is truly present they can ​

  • discharge from their nervous system

  • have more ability to move through their stuff

  • find new insights

This is deep work and I have found not everyone is ready to dive this deep and hold this depth of work. Immersion into Self is offered as a standalone personal development module and a critical 1st step for people new to this work.  To find out more about the immersion into Self

Module 1: 

You and your system


We all have unique early childhood experiences that shaped our life. In this module we'll explore how early systemic dynamics interplay with all the other systems we move in and out of. 

  • Learn the 3 constellations principles in depth 

  • Discover more about your family of origin (FOO) and the systemic lens

  • Learn how implicit memory impacts your present day experiences

  • How to hold and maintain the facilitators stance (empty vessel) when working with clients

  • Develop your interview process and create client genograms

In between sessions:

  • Work to read and complete in the online learning hub (around 1-2 hours per week)

Module 2:

Working one-on-one

Within a client is reflected their whole system. In this module we'll explore the hidden dynamics of a system expressed through the clients language and somatic body. 

  • Identifying hidden dynamics

  • Learn to read patterns on the floor

  • Work with the mother and father wounds

  • Facilitate constellations online, on the floor and in the minds eye


In between sessions:

  • Work to read and complete in the online learning hub (around 1-2 hours per week)


Module 3:

Family soul

We deepen in some of the nuances and topics of constellations and unconscious themes. 

  • Deep love

  • Blind constellations