Student workshop

If you are seeing this page you are considering or have agreed to attend the students training workshop. As either a client or a representative. I really appreciate your assistance in this important part of their training.  

Client role: If you join as a client you will have a constellation by one of the students and may also be asked to represent for other peoples constellations

Representative role:  You will not have your own constellation, and may be asked to represent in other peoples constellations. People find they can often gain insight into situations in their own life by representing for other. 

  • Session will be video recorded

  • I will be present the whole time

  • The other trainees will also be present

  • It will be a workshop with representatives

  • You will be required to sign a video waiver 

COVID protocol

  • Proof of double vaccination must be given prior to attending the session

  • If you are feeling unwell prior to the session please notify the trainer

  • Notify us if you are a close contact to someone with COVID in the week leading up to the session

  • check into venue with QR code

  • masks required as government restrictions require. 

  • pandemic movement and gather orders no-3

  • The COVID protocol might change before this event so we will adjust accordingly


Sunday 6th March 10am - 5pm   

Venue: Liefde Wellness Centre
54-56 Hartnett Dr

Morning and afternoon tea will be provided.

Please bring something to share for lunch. 

Please fill in and return this form to me ASAP 

Download form, fill in and return

I will contact you prior to the session or 

If you have any questions please contact me


Ph: 0414 829 092

Thank you for your participation




Edwina Van Der Westhuizen

Edwina has been running private and group constellation sessions since 2009. 

Trained in Family and Organizational Constellations

  • 12+ years Systemic Constellations facilitator 

  • 19+ years coaching background,

  • 22+ years training background,

  • 28+ years using healing modalities

  • 52+ years (life time) of life/spiritual experience

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