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Students facilitation workshop

If you are seeing this page you are considering or have agreed to attend the students facilitation training workshop. As either a client or a representative. I really appreciate your assistance in this important part of the training.  

Family constellation looks at patterns that repeat in families and what might be going on in your life that is unconsciously a pattern that might have started in the past with your parents, grandparents or much further back and is unconsciously playing out in your life. 

Client role: If you join as a client you will have a constellation by one of the students and may also be asked to represent for other peoples constellations

Representative role:  You will not have your own constellation, and may be asked to represent in other peoples constellations. People find they can often gain insight into situations in their own life by representing for other. 

If you are the client: You will be allocated a facilitator and they will contact you prior to the constellation workshop. Please make sure you have a topic/issue that you want to look at, it can't be a made up topic it must be real for you and something you are ready to look at

The question to think about is: If this constellation could help an area in your life what do you want?"

They could be topics like:

  • Relationship issue

  • dynamic with a relationship to your parent

  • an issue around your child/children

  • issue around your relationship with your siblings

  • a repeating pattern of behaviour that you want to stop or understand


The answer to this question will be the topic you will bring to the constellation. The facilitator will ask you questions around your family history to draw up a genogram which will help them in the facilitation process. If you don't know many details that is also ok, just answer what you can. 


They will be asking things like

  • how many siblings you have

  • the order of the siblings

  • did you parents stay together

  • parents siblings and order if you know it

  • significant relationships for you

  • any children/ pregnancies

  • significant family events (war, migration, family tragedy, adoption, addictions) 

  • family patterns (of health, wealth, addiction, migration etc)

  • Session will be video recorded

  • I will be present the whole time

  • The other trainees will also be present

  • It will be a workshop with representatives

  • You will be required to sign a video waiver 

Health guidance

  • If you are feeling unwell prior to the session please notify Edwina

  • bring a mask


Saturday 22nd February 2025 (9am - 5pm)   

Sunday 23rd February 2025 (9am - 5pm)  

Phoenix Park community centre
Multipurpose room
22 Rob Roy Rd,
Malvern East 

Driving: Centre has car parking either side of centre

Morning and afternoon tea will be provided.

Please bring lunch or there is a cafe on site

If you have specific dietary requirements please bring your own food. 

Please fill in and return this form to me ASAP 

Download form, fill in and return

I will contact you prior to the session or 

If you have any questions please contact me


Ph: 0414 829 092

Thank you for your participation




Edwina Van Der Westhuizen

Edwina has been running private and group constellation sessions since 2009. 

Trained in Family and Organizational Constellations

  • 14+ years Systemic Constellations facilitator 

  • 21+ years coaching background,

  • 24+ years training background,

  • 30+ years using healing modalities

  • 54+ years (life time) of life/spiritual experience

To learn more about your trainer Edwina click here.

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