Family Constellations Facilitator Training 

Starts  Sept- Nov 2020 Online 

* 2021 training hopefully live if COVID situation changes. Dates TBA


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This is not a training of the mind it is a journey of the soul. 

We will be teaching how to  combine Family Constellations, working with spirit, shifting consciousness and reading the body. 

This foundation training takes place over 4 modules. This experiential training combines theory and practice in the core concepts of Family Constellations. Learn the art of facilitation and working with the knowing field /field of consciousness and the power of Family Constellations. Step by step training of all the key parts to facilitating a constellation for private and group sessions. Practice time where you run sessions with clients and you are coached through the process.

It will be a personal journey to discover YOU and also give you practical tools that you can use to assist others working with Family Constellations. These are tools that you can combine with whatever you already do or start a new career for yourself.

Systemic/Family Constellation began in the psycho-therapeutic community, over the past 20 years that has changed. Many professionals, from many professional fields, now incorporate the systemic lens and methodology in to their professional work.

It is increasingly clear from research in neurobiology, epigenetics, somatic experiencing and psychotherapy that  events and emotions is often carried from one generation to the next. Family constellations works towards offering new insights and deal with profound difficulties into the hidden dynamics of a personal or family story. Family Constellation work gives us a different lens and new tools that can help clients leave traumatic experiences in the past -where they belong. It helps them let go of unwanted burdens as they move towards a more hopeful future.

With this changing time we are changing with it.


The first 2 modules of the training have now been moved to online. 

- Some live components now moved online
- online component
- 4 days attending workshop as a representative
- Over 100 hours or face to face training time.
- Certification of completion when completed all requirements


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Module 1 & 2. online
Sundays 1pm-5pm for
10 weeks 27th Sept to 29th Nov


Module 3. face to face (5 days)
24 - 28 Feb ( as social distancing allows)

Module 4. face to face (4 days)

14-17 May ( as social distancing allows)

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Module 1 & 2: (Online) 
27 September - 29 November
Sundays 1pm - 5pm Melbourne, Australia time  (10 weeks  online portal access)

  • What is Family Constellations

  • 3 main Constellations principles

  • You the facilitator

  • Interview process

  • Chair work

  • One on one work

  • Structured constellations

  • Identifying patterns on the floor

  • Family of origin

  • Working with representatives

  • Intro into group work (online) and working with representatives

  • Online coaching call

  • Online learning activity

Module 3: (5 days) - face to face training days 

24 - 28 Feb ( as social distancing allows)

  • Group work

  • Working with representatives

  • Current family

  • Working with the field


  • Online coaching call

  • Online learning activity

Module 4: (4 days) - face to face training days 

14-17 May ( as social distancing allows)

  • 1 day Deepening the work

  • The group conduces a 2 day workshop with the public

  • 1 day debrief of workshop and closing training

To complete certification

  • Attend 4 days ( 2 weekend) constellation workshops or equivalent online

  • Write case studies

  • Over 100 hours or face to face training time.

  • Certification of completion when completed all requirements

* Missing more than 2 days live training may affect your certification, contact to discuss.

Who is this training for?

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TRAINING PRICE normally $3,800 ($350 non refundable)

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