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Family Constellations hub of learning

Family Constellations is not just a process it can be a life changing journey that keeps unfolding. It starts with one impulse, one wish to look into your family system or family soul and the unfolding and integration can continue for years.


This work is deep and fast if you are interested in finding out more about

  • generational family patterns

  • yourself

  • your unconscious patterns

  • hidden dynamics that play out in your life

  • why you do what you do

  • and much more... Join us.


I am excited to offer courses for personal and professional development coming from and supporting the Family constellations lens.


Those who have experienced Family Constellations know the depth of this work and it's transformative qualities. Now you can deepen your own life or learn more to enhance your professional life . 


It all starts with YOU. 


How do you want to join us?


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