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Interested in the research


There is becoming more and more research on Systemic constellations in English. There is a lot of research in German and other languages. 

Here are some I have found in English

Family Constellations- a mixed method study on depression

Family Constellations- An innovative systemic Phenomenolgical group process

Systemic working-the Constellations approach - H Wade





Extended family constellations workshop efficacy on intuition measure and experience

The Effectiveness of Family Constellation Therapy in Improving Mental Health


the method of structral systemic constellations for technical problem solving and decision making

How Phenomenology Can Help Us Learn

Organizational change based on the new perspective of Systemic Constellations

Process_of_Change_and_Effectiveness_of_Family Constellations


Healing and Teaching with Family System Constellations

On the interrelation of family, remigration, and transnationality

Systemic working 

The Handbook of Systemic Family Therapy, Set
Karen S. Wampler, Richard B. Miller, Ryan B. Seedall, Lenore M. McWey, Adrian J. Blow, Mudita Rastogi, and Reenee Singh

There are many dissertations on Systemic constellations and Family Constellations if you can access academic papers.

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