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Wholistic Constellations Coach and Trainer 


Edwina Van Der Westhuizen is a wholistic coach and family Constellations trainer and facilitator and has a Masters in Counselling  

Born in South Africa at the height of Apartheid and fleeing with her family at age 3 to move to Australia to start a new life. Many early events shaped her life and in later years turned into an interest in seeking truth.  She became very aware the key to helping others and the world was to work on yourself first. This led to a great interest or quest in how to be in the world interacting with others and still hold that state of being present in that moment. Her interest in human behaviour led to working with people to help them unlock their true potential

Edwina started her career in fashion as a pattern maker at 18 years of age. She has the ability to be given a picture, idea or concept and made it into a workable, wearable garment of clothing through interconnecting shapes/patterns. Highly sort after, she worked for some of the Australia's high end designers before switching her talents to a different focus.  

This ability to take a concept and make it real and tangible then shifted her to training and coaching (life and business). Edwina helps people bring the puzzle pieces of their life and challenges together in a new way to create new outcomes and possibilities. She is always looking for what works to give outstanding results, wanting to help people work smarter not harder. 

Having moved quickly to the top of her successful careers in fashion, life and business coaching,  management, training, facilitation and consulting. Edwina often says family Constellations found her in 2003, and started the next chapter. 

Edwina's method of working with people is wholistic, simple yet profound. 

Coming from the stance that the power and everything you need is already within you, she helps people to reclaim their authentic self, through powerful modalities and tools. 


She has trained all over the world and has a knack for breaking complex topics and concepts into simple to understand language. Integrating the mind, body and soul in all that she does. 


Edwina works with individuals, teams and organisations 

Edwina comes to you with over 30 years experience and is committed to helping you reclaim YOU

  • Masters in Counselling (Monash)

  • Systemic Constellations facilitator (family and organisational).

  • Life and business coaching,

  • Training and education

  • Master NLP practitioner

  • Works with many healing modalities 

  • ASIST (Applied suicide intervention skills training) 

  • Trauma informed coach

  • Beyond Violence facilitator (Level 1)

  • Always coming from a state of higher Consciousness

  • Post graduate in Education (Monash)

  • Presented at 3 international conferences for systemic constellations

  • On the advisory board for Constellators-International

Edwina and her husband Christo also run a coaching, training and cultural change Company

With a love for constellations and seeing a need for change Edwina started a new project systemic law looking at the amazing work in Brazil where they bring constellations into the court room.

Edwina has been influenced by many different skills and tools which she incorporates into her session for powerful results. 

  • Masters of counselling
  • Systemic constellations
  • Consciousness Centred Coaching
  • The MasterProcess
  • Somatic (body) awareness
  • Parts to wholeness
  • Nervous system health
  • Reiki
  • Emotional mind integration
  • Rapid Core healing
  • Emotional freedom technique
  • Life and Business coach

  • Trainer and Assessment

  • Beyond violence level 1 facilitator

  • ASIST (Applied suicide intervention skills training)

  • Trauma informed coach

"Edwina facilitates the Family Constellations weekend from a place of compassion and extensive experience working with people. She is present to every person in the room at all times and her amazing insight just seems to flow. For anyone feeling the burden of entrenched unconscious patterns, this workshop can help unravel the blocks to feeling free to move forward. Whether booking a constellation for yourself, or to be a representative for others, I guarantee you will be blown away by the process. Thank you Edwina, for your insight and guidance. I left the workshop feeling grounded, positive and light and I look forward to participating in the future".


Board member of
- Constellators-International CI- advisory board member


Member of

- Constellators-International CI- platinum member

- ISCA - International Systemic Constellations Association
- Executive member of IICT - International Institute Complementary Therapists

- Certified practising counsellor (CPC) - PACFA Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia


Thank you to many people who I learnt from

A huge thank you to all the teachers who have helped me learn more about myself and constellations.

  • Yildiz Sethi

  • Ursula Franke-Bryson & Thomas Bryson

  • Shavasti (John L Payne)

  • Dr Jane Peterson

  • Brenda Sutherland

  • Catherine Ingram-Silver

  • Ingala Robi

  • Mark Wolynn

  • Stephan Hausner

  • Emily Waymire

  • Betsy Bergstrom

I have learnt so much from Bert Hellinger, unfortunately not directly but through all his books and DVD's which are a constant source of knowledge.

A special thank you to my husband and family for their support.


A huge thank you to Australia  and her people for being able to call Australia home for the last 50 plus years. 

Thank you also to all of you who have trusted me to work with you and I wish you all the best as you continue on this journey inwards towards the self.

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