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Constellation work is not intended to replace any treatments, diagnosis or therapy offered by your medical doctors, your psychiatrist, qualified and licensed psychotherapist, or any medications such licensed individuals have prescribed to you. It is to compliment any medical diagnosis or treatment programs in relieving emotional stress as a contributing factor of your condition. You may ask your mental healthcare practitioner to attend any workshop with you at no extra charge.

During a Constellations session, emotional and physical symptoms can be experienced as a representative. Your attendance at any workshop is for educational and informative purposes only.

Your commitment

When a Constellation is in progress, I agree to respect the energy field of the constellation.

I understand that is important to keep any movement to a minimum (obviously apart from the people who are part of the constellation) so I will use the toilet during the breaks and not during the sessions unless it's an emergency.

I will keep my mobile phone switched off at all times during a session (which also means no texting).

When sharing during the group I will talk only about my personal feelings and insights. I will refrain from giving advice to other participants or commenting on other people's experiences.

I understand that it is recommended not to discuss or analyse any Constellation because it's best to let the images that have emerged settle of their own accord. If I decide to do that anyway, I will talk only about my personal experience and my Constellation. I accept that other people's Constellations and the content of their sharing is completely confidential and I undertake to keep that confidence.

Should I come to the Constellation workshop showing any sign of intoxication, I accept that I will not be admitted, or allowed to continue, the workshop.

Cancellation Policy

Due to the organisation of venues and limited spaces, there will be no refund if you cancel 15 days or less prior to a workshop or private session.

You may reschedule within 3 months of original booking. After 3 months the booking is cancelled with no refund.


All reschedule must be in writing (email) or via phone - see Contact Us


All session payments are paid up front and in full prior to the session.



To attend the facilitator training you must

  • meet the prerequisite requirements 

  • fill in registration form

  • have registration interview

Training cancellations / refunds:

Due to the organisation of venues and limited spaces.

  • If  you cancel from the training more than 90 days prior to the start of the first training session/day I can receive a full refund minus a $350 non refundable deposit. All cancellation must be done in writing. 


  • If you cancel from the training within (and including) 30 days prior to the start of the first training session/day of the training there will be no refund and all outstanding amounts owed are still due.

  • If the training is cancelled you will be offered a refund or the chance to switch to another date

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