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Systemic Constellations is an established and well-respected process in Europe and is spreading around the world. It is still relatively new to Australia, with only a small number of practitioners. It is a cutting edge tool that is outstandingly elegant, profound and effective.

  • used by organisations,

  • in legal situations

  • to assist with medical issues

  • business people in any position

Helping to shine the systemic lens on any given situation and uncover the hidden dynamics at play.

  • Career direction

  • Business issue

  • Difficult dynamics with work colleagues

  • Organisational challenge


Before I did my own constellation I was feeling very overwhelmed in my business and other aspects of my life and there seemed to be no way out. I had tried business coaching and other forms of counselling, which didn't really shift the blocks.

I attended a Family Constellation workshop with Edwina held over two days and I wanted to do a constellation on my business.

During the workshop I was a representative in several constellations prior to doing my own. There was a deep and harmonious connection amongst all the participants, which I really enjoyed. Being a representative taught me a lot about myself, in ways that can only be described as profound.

When I did my constellation it opened my eyes to patterns in my life that were impacting my business, finances, success, relationships and my internal state.

I understand and know now what direction I need to take.

I had not expected so much change personally and in my business so quickly and easily with just one constellation.

The shifts have been profound!

I am so much happier and I have been attracting awesome friends, clients and associates into my business and life and my business is growing.

I highly recommend a Constellations with Edwina.

You must experience this for yourself!!

F. A

Edwina using a combination of methods for your business needs.

  • Systemic Organisational Constellations

  • Business coaching

  • Powerful Questions®

  • MasterProcess®


Contact me to discuss 

Or phone: +61 (0)414 829 092

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