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Frequently asked questions

Do I need to bring the people of my issue to the Constellation?

No, you can choose to set up a Constellation with or without the people of your issue present. In a workshop setting those who are absent will be represented by a workshop attendee. In a private setting those who are absent will be represented by one of your facilitators or we will use an anchor or object to represent them. The effect of the constellation often unconsciously has an impact on those members of your life even thought they don't know what was done and didn't attend.

Can I work on a money issues?

Yes because our finances and money situations can be a reflection of our family system even if that does not appear obvious.

My issues relates to people who are dead.

In a Constellation it doesn't matter if the people in your situation are dead or alive. The impact is still felt in your life in relation to them. Constellations works on the subconscious and soul level. Those who have passed on are still part of the family dynamic and remain influential. Like all absentee members of a family, the Constellation group members will represent them.

I have been diagnosed with a mental illness and have medication, may I attend?

In such cases, you may want to have your therapist to attend with you. There is not extra charge. Otherwise, simply consult with them before attending.

I am an adoptee, even though I do not know my family of origin, can Constellations still help me?

Constellations can assist in connecting you to your roots, therefore providing a path of healing. Many adoptees have attended workshops with many reporting positive results that are life changing.

My children are adult age. Can I do a Constellation for them or do they need to do it themselves?

You can work on your relationship with them. However if you are wanting to work on a direct issue of theirs, it is best to get them to attend. Alternatively you could ask for their permission to look at something on their behalf.

What support is offered after attending a workshop?

A private appointment may be set up. Contact us for details.

Does Constellations deal with abuse - verbal, emotional, physical or sexual?

People have been known to look at issues to do with verbal, physical, sexual and emotional abuse.

I felt a lot of energy from the people I represented in the Constellation, will that stay with me?

This process is about reconnecting love and healing relationships . Once you are taken out of the repreenting role you return to your own energy field.

Do Constellations deal specifically with LBGTQI issues?

Whether straight or gay, we all belong to a family, whether or not we have a good relationship with them. Constellations can assist you in looking at relationship patterns just like anyone else.

I am not fond of group work, is it possible to work privately?

Yes. We can set up a private session contact us to book. You can also come along as a representative to experience the group dynamic before you do a group Constellation yourself.

I am having work or business issues, can Constellations help me?

We have worked on many business and work related issues. Constellation can look at anything that causes turmoil in our life.

I have many issues, I don't know which one to start with.

Look at the one that is the biggest issue for you now, often this can have an effect on some of the other issues too if they are related.

Can Constellations deal with a behavioral or emotional disorder?

If they are caused by family dynamics and patterns we can look at them in the constellation.

Can I work on a spiritual/religious issue?

Yes, if it is causing a concern for you then we can look at it in a constellation setting.

I'm a manager for a large company and need insights into the dynamics of my company, can Constellations help?

Many business people can resolved business issues using this modality.

I am not ready yet to look at one of my own issues. How can I experience a Constellation first to see what it is like?

You can come along to a workshop as a representative. You will get to experience the knowing field and you will get an experience of the process.

Is it better to attend a private session or a workshop?

The personal benefits of the Constellation are the same no matter if you attend a workshop or a private session. It is up to the individual if you feels more comfortable in a private session or a group. The benefits of a workshops are that you get the opportunity to stand in as a representative in other people's Constellations. In a private session you have a more active role.

How many Constellations will I need?

The number of Constellations depends on the complexity of the issue . In general, you often only need one Constellation per issue. The constellation can unlock other dynamics which may not have been in your awareness until the previous issue was addressed. In this case other Constellations may be required. The full affect of a constellation can take 2-4 years to fully integrate with your whole life and family system.

Do I have to be a representative if I come to a group workshop?

You can say no when asked. If you say yes the experience can show you some insights into your own life and how we are all inter-connected. People have commented it is an amazing experience.

Can I work on a spiritual/religious issue?

Yes, if it is causing a concern for you then we can look at it in a constellation setting.

What kind of information should I give?

Facts are all that are required. Information about who said or did what are not required.

Can I bring a friend for support?

Yes you can bring a friend for support, please let us know first. You will also find the group is very supportive.

Is it important to give the representatives information about the person they are standing in for?

No. In Constellations, part of the work is about tuning in with the energy field of a family system. If you have too much information your mind can get in the way. As soon as the representatives are positioned in the Constellation they naturally pick up information about that family energetically (through feelings, perceptions or bodily sensations). This phenomenon is referred to as the Knowing Field. All you have to do is to place the representatives in your Constellation where you feel they should stand in order to represent the relationships between the various members of your family. You then sit back and observe as the constellation unfolds.

If I stand in as a representative, how can I be sure that what I am feeling or perceiving actually belongs to the person I am representing and is not my own stuff?

When someone is standing in as a representative, any feelings, bodily sensations, impulses to move and perceptions belong to the person they are representing and are important indications of the Constellation. The sensations may also change as the Constellation unfolds. As we are all connected, standing in as a Representative (or even just observing a Constellation) can be emotionally moving.

Do I have to know what I want to look at with my Constellation?

Yes, Its good to have a sense of what you wish to address in your Constellation when you come along, this shows that you are ready to look at and explore a certain subject. However you can also choose to come along and witness others Constellations first, trusting that just the right issue will be brought to your attention. If you choose to do one of your own Constellations the facilitator will ask you some simple questions to help clarify the real issue.

Can Constellation work be used to look at illness and disease?

Constellation work has often revealed that illnesses are directly linked to family dynamics and problems within the family system. Whilst it does not promise a cure, it can reveal a lot about the emotional stresses behind the illness. Healing is a very individual process and often involves many aspects of a person's life.

My sibling/s and I have the same issue can we attend together

Even though your sibling/s and yourself might have a similar issue your lived experiences and how that manifests in each of you is different.

My recommendation would be you do your session and it might give some relief to your sibling/s but they really needs to do thier own work.

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