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Time to transform your life


The power is within you

We often go searching outside ourselves for what is within. 

We forget our true potential

Or we have never been taught

The first few years of our life can shape our life and doesn't need to control our life as an adult

Private sessions are a powerful way to reclaim our life, step our of the conditioning of your past and step into your true essence. 

Our journey back to our true essence moves us through the layers of the mind, body and soul. I work on and with all those layers, the conscious and unconscious. From the early imprinting often preverbal to the echoes and repetitions that have and may still be continuing today.  

These echoes can impact our: 

  • life

  • work,

  • relationships,

  • health

  • and emotions.

This deep work looks at and works through those layers one layer at a time, and the work is tailored to your own needs. 

The stories and patterns of our life have usually cumulated over years of behaviour, mindsets and patterns. Even though this work is one of the fastest to get to the roots of issues, we can't work with it all in one session for multiple reasons:

  • The unconscious works in layers

  • When we remove one layer, the next layer can then be looked at

  • It can be too much for the nervous system to work with everything in one session

  • There are multiple entanglements in our life

I have found over my years of working with clients one session is not enough. The constellation may help to move a big block on the unconscious level, then the work to embed that into our daily life and nervous system begins. There are also many entanglements we have with our family system and moving through these layers and entanglements takes time and care.


As this is such deep work it is important that you are ready and committed to your transformation process and it is just that a process.

If you have been to lots of people tried lots of modalities and still find you are not where you want to be and are ready to do what it takes to move to the next level you are in the right place.



Private sessions can be 

  • life changing 

  • dynamic 

  • tailored to your needs

  • using many different tools and skills to help you reclaim you

  • Using the systemic lens we can look at you and the system that surround you

Our private sessions are tailored for you using a variety of powerful modalities:

  • Family constellations,

  • somatic listening,

  • trauma to essence,

  • NLP,

  • shadow work,

  • Emotional freedom technique (EFT)

  • conscious coaching

  • Many other tools

"Since my constellation I have literally felt like a different person! I had no idea how much weight I had been carrying until I let it go. I experienced an enormous sense of release and lightness and now I feel like I am in the process of rediscovering who I am in this world and my authentic self. I am awed and very grateful to have been a part of such a powerful healing process; for myself and my family, past generations, and those yet to come. You are doing a great service to many-seen and unseen!
Thank you.


The sessions with Edwina gave me effective tools to regulate my nervous system, be more present and eliminate fears that were holding me back from achieving my goals and highest potential. As a result, my income has grown, I have stronger and healthier boundaries in my relationships, have accountability for my emotions, trust and believe in the wisdom of my body. Now I am progressing in launching two businesses with more self-confidence and self-worth, ready to receive what life has to offer me.

Thank you Edwina for your support and professionalism. I highly recommend working with Edwina if you are feeling stuck and/or ready to overcome challenges in your relationships, finances and mindset.

Jennifer Tang
Yoga Teacher Trainer & Founder of Still I Rise Academy

Private Sessions

Is it time to press reset?

Time to step into your truth

Create the life you know you deserve

It is all for YOU

Shift your mindset - shift your life

Rewrite a new story

Become a magnet to the things you want in life


I have had the beautiful healing experience of having my own Family Constellation.

The emotions and embodied process is truly held in scared space by facilitator Edwina as you witness childhood and family emotions, that are held within your Inner child.

I did take my time in processing my constellation and gave it space to integrate in my life.

Being male it helped me understand my family's values, beliefs, learned behaviours, religion and generational past lives.

I am to this day still processing emotions that have been awakened within me, the Masculine and Feminine.

I am truly grateful for this Constellations experience which will be ongoing in many different aspects of my life's journey.



Online Sessions

I work with people all over the world using Zoom online. As long as you have a good internet service you can still have a session no matter where in the world you are.

One of the tools I use is Family constellations

"I reached a complete stand still in my life and kept repeating the same patterns. There was so much "stuff" that was coming up all around me from my past and I could no longer carry on with blinkers. Having tried traditional methods before, it was time to try something different and to face/confront these patterns head on.

The session I had with Edwina has changed my life. I felt protected and safe during the session (which was important for me) and Edwina said in a few days you may notice "things" start to shift and true to her word, every part of my life that was affected began to change for the better. I do not feel pain, it is more a sense of relief and freedom, of breaking free from my past. I have now made some important decisions in my life and new opportunities have since presented themselves. I have Edwina to thank and myself for taking the courage and for having faith to try something different. I highly recommend Constellations to anyone who wants to see a change for the better take place so quickly and effectively."

M.R.E ( N.Z )

Transformation packages 

Book a discovery call to see if we are a fit to working together. This is deep work and not everyone is ready to work with me yet. When you are ready I will be here. 

If you are ready to invest in you, your own growth and success, ready to do what needs to be done, then there is no price to large, because you are worth EVERY CENT. 

If you are ready now to say YES to you please continue to book the discovery call. 

After the discovery call if we are a good fit, you can book your first session of your package. To secure and confirm your appointment, full payment is required when booking your first session on my website.

If you want to pay in installments the price is an additional 10% with 50% of the total payable upfront before our first session, and the balance we can work out the payment arrangement. 

Working with Edwina:

What is included in the transformation packages:

  • choose a 3 ,6 or 9 (or more) weekly package, which is a combination of family constellations and other modalities

  • The sessions will include education around your body, nervous system, how trauma is stored, how generational patterns start. 

  •  you can connect with me via email, phone or text correspondence between sessions 

  • join online group constellations as a representative

How do the sessions work:

  1. The first session we collect family history and looks at your goals/outcomes over our time together

  2. The subsequent sessions start working through those goals always with a focus of integration with your body

  3. Constellations maybe combined in the session or be part of a group constellation.

First session allow - (1 ½-2 hrs) - remaining sessions of the package are 1-1 1/2 hour


Contact me to have a discovery call to see if we are a good fit

Payment required before session


*contact me if you need a payment plan (conditions apply)

Transformation packages - book here 

If there is not a time that suits you please contact me

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