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Immersion into Self   

 Sick of showing up only on the surface...

Doing and being what others want...

Letting your past govern your future...

Are you ready to reclaim the authentic YOU?

Join us for this immersion into Self course.

It starts now with YOU!

Snippet from the course

Change is the one constant in life. We all move through change as we live, grow and learn. What clues does our body hold, and express through our emotions, triggers, patterns and wounds?


As a child we relied on our care givers and those around us, developing unconscious ways of coping, being and doing. More often than not, without knowing as adults we are still operating from those same implicit memories,  strategies and mechanisms while repeating patterns of the past. 

  • how does that shape our relationships?

  • how does it impact how we show up in relationships?

  • does it keep us isolated and affect our ability to connect with others?

  • how does it shaped our mind, thoughts and responses?

Are these old ways still working?


  • What can we learn from the past to make changes in our future? 

  • Are we looking more at our shadow than our light?

  • What needs to change?

  • How do we find the silence within?



Join us on this journey of immersion and start to:

  • master your own sovereignty

  • understand and know yourselves better

  • understanding your responses

  • gain practical tools and exercises to immerse back into Self

  • embody

    • confidence

    • your Truth

    • your Authenticity

    • learn to balance your emotions

Time to come home to YOU

This course offers

  • insight

  • experiences

  • understanding

  • deep tools

  • awareness

  • choice

 8 week outline:

  • Looking at triggers

    • why we have them,

    • what they mean,

    • how to work with them

  • Get you back to choice point

  • Look at your life through the family constellations lens

    • What does it mean to belong?

    • Do your own mini constellations

  • Look at shadow work and understanding your shadow

    • Shadow constellations exercises

  • Understanding implicit memory

    • are we responding from the present or the past​

  • Energy: how to know what is your energy and what is someone else's

    • Understanding and developing boundaries

  • Meditation practising to 'still' the mind and body

    • trust your inner knowing​

***This is not therapy*** If you are in therapy or dealing with mental health issue’s please contact us to see if this training is suitable.


Edwina Van Der Westhuizen is the main presenter of this pre-recorded online course and comes with a wealth of knowledge.  She is assisted by two co-presenters


22 hour self paced online course

Originally $1,200 

For a limited time 65% off  pay only $420 (save $780)

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