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Have you completed your family constellations facilitator training, now want to

  • master your technique

  • build more confidence as a facilitator

  • connect with a supportive community

  • learn new skills

  • share questions and insights

  • build your business

  • feel at ease facilitating

  • make your contribution count

  • fast track your success

Masterclasses format:

  • Masterclasses will have a teaching element on a specific topic

  • breakout group exercises to hone the content

  • book 1 session or multiple sessions

  • 3-4 hours in length

  • sessions will be recorded, so you can revisit all the rich knowledge

Healing sentences


Healing sentences are a powerful part of the constellation process. All too often new facilitators struggle with healing sentences. Join this session to dive deeper into the topic

  • different types of healing sentences

  • the simplicity of healing sentences

  • when to use healing sentences

  • how to use healing sentences

Date: TBA

Working one on one with clients - part 1


Not all of us have the advantage of being able to bring a group together for a constellation. There is a difference working without representatives. Learn the art of working one on one with clients online and face to face. 

This session helps you to explore different ways to work  with clients and helps answer common questions where new facilitators get stuck. 

Date: TBA

Creating a client genogram

A genogram is a simple graphical representation of the multi-generational family system, usually covering at least two generations prior to the client, to help indicate familial facts and systemic patterns.


In this session you will learn how to create a genogram and how creating a genogram helps build rapport with your client to see and read the family patterns from the genogram. 

* Bonus video of a constellation with genogram (with the permission of Ursula Franke)

Date: TBA


Working one on one with clients - in your minds eye part 2

The change for a client is always happening within even thought it seems like things are happening outside. 

  • how to work in your minds eyes

  • watching for subtle clues

  • reading the body

* Bonus video of an in the minds eye constellation (with the permission of Ursula Franke)

Date: TBA


You the facilitator

The session focuses on you. 

  • working from the empty centre

  • what to do if you are triggered

  • understanding your fix it part

  • what supports you

    Date: TBA


Working with couples


Working with couples can bring a few new elements to a constellation. How to work with not just one person yet two. In this session we look at different ways to work with couples

  • finding a partner

  • staying together

  • good separation / spiritual divorce

    Date: TBA

Blind constellations

When a clients has one issue they want to look at and the field is showing something else. Working with blind elements in the field can be a powerful way to work

  • How to set up a blind constellation

  • when to use a blind constellation

  • when to reveal who the elements are

    Date: TBA


Building your business


How to build your business, what you need to know and learn?

  • Where to start,

  • who is your client

  • how do you want to work

  • what to charge,

  • how to get clients, 

    Date: TBA

The power of language

As humans we communicate through many methods and language is one of them. This masterclass focuses on how to:

  • understand language when facilitating

  • use language

  • use your voice

  • use of questions

  • use the power of silence

Date: TBA

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