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Connect to become whole again...

It is increasingly clear from research in neuro-biology, epigenetics, somatic experiencing and psychotherapy that behavioral patterns are often carried from one  generation to the next.


Family & Systemic Constellations is a powerful process for tapping into the unconscious, hidden dynamics (sometimes  referred to as the ‘knowing field’) that may be playout out in your life and holding you back from ‘living the life you deserve’. 


Maybe a parent or a child died early, or someone went missing in a family and was not spoken about, maybe someone committed a crime and never paid for it (did the time), a parent was excluded didn't have access to children. 


These people or events can cause a energy block in a family system. Unconsciously this pattern can play out in later generations, even if we know no history of the first event. A child comes along generations later and feels the same dynamic from generations past but has not conscious understanding of their feelings.  Often seeking help for their feelings as they feel so real for them, but what if they were not your feelings, your story, your struggles and you were carrying them for the bigger family system.


Using a systemic lens we can look at the bigger family system and put things back in order. If you are wondering why do I feel 


  • sad,

  • depressed,

  • lonely

  • empty

  • not  able to connect

  • ignored

  • wronged

  • the truth is never really spoken

and it does not make sense to you, maybe you are feeling the feelings of the unresolved stories of past generations. These events can also show up as 

  • affairs

  • early deaths

  • Illness

  • not living our purchase

  • abuse

  • repeating relationship pattern

  • financial problems

  • feelings that do not make sense

  • grief

  • and so much more...

The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

How Can a Constellation Help?


Patterns can often become so embedded in our behaviours and attitudes that they seem to be ‘normal’, even when they are destructive. They may be so intimately integrated into our view of who we are that we are unable to see an alternative way of living, loving and relating, and are unable to break out of this cycle of behaviour that we no longer want.


Constellations helps you look at

  • how this pattern of behaviour is playing out in your life,

  • what it may be doing for your bigger family system.

  • What is out of order,

  • what is needed

  • and what is not needed.

The facilitator then helps bring the natural order back to your system through the constellations process.


Helping you to

  • release the blame,

  • hurt,

  • judgement

  • and bring back the natural love

  • connection in your relationships.

Constellations helps you to take back your place in your family system, so you can live your life fully and be all that you are truly capable of being.

What is a Constellation Useful For?

If you are living with;

  • Divorce and separation issues

  • Parenting issues

  • Children and behavior issues

  • Relationship and family issues

  • Financial Issues

  • Business Issues

  • Behaviors that you no longer want

  • Feelings you can’t explain or move past

  • Wanting to understand the relationship with yourself


Are ready to experience new insight into the old paradigm, the old way of being and thinking and are ready for a life of;

• greater peace

• harmony

• happiness

• abundance

• and love 

"I have had the very good fortune of attending a number of 'family constellation' workshops facilitated by Edwina and have been very impressed by her skill, experience and compassion. Edwina consistently demonstrates her expertise as she guides the participants through this profound healing method to reach insight and resolution regarding a variety of life issues.

As a medical doctor I am aware of the potent effect of unresolved ancestral, family and individual issues on one's health and wellbeing and I would highly recommend 'Family Constellation' sessions, under the guidance of Edwina, to help reach and resolve those deeper influences that underly many of our life and wellbeing challenges".

C.F (Vic)

How to experience a constellation

I attended a Family Constellations Workshop with Edwina a few weeks back and it was an amazing experience! Edwina is a fantastic group facilitator, it is clear she was born to do this work! She was confident in guiding the group, and yet gentle and caring with each individual. As a counsellor myself I have never come across a therapy or method like this that has such immediate and powerful results. I personally saw dramatic shifts in my relationships with my family after attending the workshop and to say they have improved is an understatement! I believe Family Constellation work is something every single person should try, it is truly transformative.

(Stephanie, Counsellor - Melbourne)

Edwina Van Der Westhuizen

Edwina has been running private and group constellation sessions since 2009. 

Trained in Family and Organizational Constellations

  • 13+ years Systemic Constellations facilitator 

  • 19+ years coaching background,

  • 22+ years training background,

  • 28+ years using healing modalities

  • 52+ years (life time) of life/spiritual experience

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