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Knowing field

My first experience of a Constellation workshop was standing in as a representative for someone. A lady I had never met before came to the workshop to look at a problem in her relationship. She didn't give any details of the dynamics that were going on, just answered a few simple factual questions asked of her by the facilitator.

In the workshop setting people from the group were invited to help her by representing different people in her situation. I was asked to represent her in the Constellation, along with 3 other people (who were representing her parents and her husband). I wasn't sure what to expect as I hadn't seen the process before. The woman having the constellation done placed me in the middle of the room and placed the other 3 people in different locations near me. It was instructed by the facilitator to just notice any sensations I was feeling.

It was amazing within a few minutes I started to feel different feelings in my body when I looked at the different representatives. I was angry at one, sad when looking at the other and nothing much with the other. I had thoughts come to my mind that didn't make sense to me ( Edwina) but when asked how I was feeling by the facilitator I just said what had come to mind even though to me ( Edwina) they didn't make sense. The lady who came with the issue was shocked, she said "That is exactly how I feel, that is exactly what they would say".

The space in which the Constellation unfolds is called 'the knowing field' for that reason. It can take on a hidden state of consciousness and knowing. As the constellation continued and each representative spoke, the facilitator guided the constellation process and it was like magic. The tension, the anger, the negativity seemed to change. It seemed to be replaced by a type of calm, a respect. We all seemed to get a new perspective of the situation that was not in our awareness when we started. I say we because as much as it was not my life, my situation, the feelings when I was the representative felt as real as if it was my life, my situation. The lady who was having the Constellation done seemed to also feel the shift in energy, even though she was sitting observing the whole thing, it was like her situation just changed before all of our eyes. Near the end of the Constellation the facilitator brought her into the space ( knowing field) and she took the place where I was standing and she completed the Constellation with the changed dynamic.

At the end of the Constellation she came up to me and said "That was exactly my life, the dynamics, even the words that were said were exactly the words my mother, father or my husband would say". She said this issue had been controlling her life for many many years and she had tried many other modalities to try to shift it. It was her first experience of the Constellation process too, and she said she already feels like the issue has gone and she could now get on with her life.

Since that day back in about 2005. I have been representative to many and had many Constellations done on my own. Even now after being trained to facilitate this process I am still humbled to be part of such a pure process.

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