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Say YES to allow movement.

Do you feel like you have been working for years and years on your stuff and still there is so much more?

Let me ask you what is a problem?

A problem is an event or events that we continue to focus and contract our energy around, it usually happened in the past, sometimes many many years past. I want you to notice what happens when you think of that problem right now, notice your energy,:

  • did your energy get heavy

  • did you breath change, either faster or slower

  • did memories, images or thoughts come up

  • maybe body sensations

Notice how so much changed just by thinking of that "problem". How is it that this problem takes so much of your energy and awareness? This thing that happened so long ago is still controlling your life and energy now in this present moment.

What can we do to help to gain some relief?

Bert Hellinger who is the founder of Family Constellations loved to talk about saying yes to all that is.

When we can say yes to a situation, problem, issue we allow movement, often something softens, falls away, energy can return to where energy was stuck.

Try it... think of that situation and now say yes to exactly how it was, not trying to change anything just say yes. It is not making it right, wrong or changing what happened yet in saying yes we acknowledge it in that moment and allow ourselves some relief in this moment.