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There is no failure, only feedback

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

Life is constant learning. From a young child to an adult we are learning new things each day. Our ability to continue to learn and be open to learning can be governed by our childhood experiences of learning.

As a baby we learn so much so fast and never give up. We learn to walk, talk, eat for ourselves, dress ourselves understand language and subtle body expressions. We learn to make meaning of our feelings and the environment around us. We link our feelings with the body expressions and language we hear. We experience and embrace learning as it helps us find our independence and connection. How we learn can be expressed in different ways. We learn by auditory means, through the written word, through touch, through doing, through experience.

If our ability to learn becomes about comparing ourselves to others or to a set of rules and criteria this can stifle our openness to keep learning. We then link our ability to learn to our sense of self and critical self-talk. If we are wronged, judged or shamed in relation to learning and we can shut down.

If instead when someone doesn’t understand something it could be an opening to look at how can I explain this differently. What can I change about how I communicated to help it make sense?

The meaning of your communication is the response you get

When we take the time to assist another in learning and also be open ourselves to clarify what we understood or didn’t understand then learning becomes a two-way process.

If we are the teacher/ communicator we then take ownership of how we communicate and if we are the listener/learner we take responsibility for communicating what we understood or is not clear. This way...

There is no failure, only feedback

When we see the lesson we learn from all experiences. We can then continue to learn about ourselves, our lives, our experiences and keep growing within ourselves.

When we use this same principle in relation to our life we can then gain understanding around our early experiences and instead of keeping us stuck on past experiences allow that to empower us now and into the future.

Keep learning and growing.

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